Total Flue Gas Systems Package

Everyone is currently focused on energy. We consistently introduce new technologies, designed to optimise energy efficiency even further. Hence the increase in CHP Installation deployment in the industry. This growing popularity of CHP Installations in turn strengthens demand for flue gas systems: intelligent combinations of Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger, Condenser, Silencer and Chimney. Enalco, in Maasdijk, specializes in components supplemental to CHP Installations. As one of Europe's major suppliers, we guarantee quality.

No two CHP Installations are alike. Determining the efficiency factor in flue gas systems is optimum integration of all components behind the CHP. This is the Enalco specialty. Supplying the total package, we make sure all components match perfectly: Exhaust Gas Heat ExchangerCondenser, Silencer and Chimney. Precision coordination between us and CHP installation firms and suppliers is part of this package. Assuring you of a custom job and an optimally functioning CHP Installation.