Silencing Starts with Expertise and Experience

If only because of applicable legislation, it is essential to satisfy noise impact standards. Still, the silencing aspect is a complex matter. There are no standard solutions. The sources of noise differ, the circumstances vary. The best silencing result is created in the mind of the engineer: his expertise and experience largely determine effectiveness. Enalco has this expertise and experience in-house. We have been developing solutions designed to counteract unwanted ambient noise for years.

This expertise has translated, among other things, to the introduction of proprietary software, a useful tool in the development of custom silencers. This know-how quite naturally produces the optimum system: resonance silencers for the low frequencies, absorption silencers for the high and middle frequencies, or combination silencers for the high and low pitches. Silencers come in round, oval or rectangular models. The use of superior materials assures durability, also in the longer term. Enalco offers you the choice between steel (for standard situations), stainless steel (for corrosive applications) and aluminium (when low weight load is a criterion).

You are not required to make this choice yourself. With Enalco you are assured of transparent preliminary advice. Not only about the implementation phase, but also about the ultimate installation. This produces the perfect solution, resulting in an optimum synthesis of precision design, superior materials, durability, and dependability.